How To Paint Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Green-Black Combo)

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is without a doubt one of the hottest Android smartphones on the market right now. In addition to being the only pure Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone on the market, you can now make it even more unique by giving it a custom paintjob.

DIY: How to paint your Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The difference with doing this on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus versus any other smartphone on the market is because of its design. Up front, there is only a large and beautiful black display and no bezel. This means that if you plan to give your Samsung Galaxy Nexus a custom paintjob, it would only require removing the battery door and rear housing. This surprisingly takes only a couple of minutes to do and requires a Philip head screwdriver to remove 4 screws, plus 2 guitar picks to wiggle the housing off the screen. That is it.

Once off, you can either buy a new colored rear plate like a white Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery door and plate, or you could give it an awesome paint job like this RootzWiki user, Watts, did below. He went with a black and green combo which is obviously a tribute to Android.

Hit the source link for instructions on how he did. But be warned, it requires a lot of attention to detail and a patience. So if that doesn’t sound like you then its best you buy a white housing, or just a replacement housing and get a professional to sand and paint it for you.


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