Nokia Lumia 900 Buyers Get ‘iBlocked’ By AT&T Store Reps?

AT&T is reportedly spending close to $150 million in ad dollars to market the Nokia Lumia 900, more than it spent on even the iPhone, but now if the latest reports hold true then that may all just be wasted funds.

AT&T: Nokia Lumia 900 buyers persuaded to buy iPhone instead?

Some reports are coming in to blogs that when customers visit AT&T stores to buy the Nokia Lumia 900, the sale reps instead suggest that they go with the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 instead.

While this does not wholly imply all AT&T stores across the US, CNET for one conducted a survey around the New York area. Time and time again, they were pushed from buying a Nokia Lumia 900 which they walked in for, to the iPhone instead, with even one AT&T sales rep saying that, “Windows Phone is alright, but it’s no iPhone.”

While big marketing campaigns and flashy ads get phone buyers all hyped up and rushing to stores to grab the latest consumer electronics, the sales rep plays a key part in all of this. If he/she were to tell you that the product isn’t as good, all that hype would quickly disappear and you would begin questioning your reasons for going with that gadget in the first place.

We’ve already seen the dreaded state AT&T has left the HTC Titan II in, with almost no marketing efforts. Now if their reps push the iPhone 4 and 4S on everyone who wants a Nokia Lumia 900, we may never see the Windows Phone 7 platform take off here in the US.

Anyone else run into a similar experience at their AT&T store? Were you ever dissuaded from buying the smartphone you wanted and pushed an iPhone instead? Sound off in the comments below.


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