Would You Buy An iPhone 5 If It Looked Just Like The iPhone 4?

When it comes to the iPhone, it isn’t just about how well it works but also how good it looks. The iPhone 4 and 4S are without a doubt one of the most stylish smartphones on the market right now. While most smartphones seem to take on very similar design cues, Apple went with sandwiching its sole phone between two plates of glass with a highly-polished metal trimming. As much as we do adore the design however, we’re not sure it can last another cycle.

iPhone 5 rumors: will it get a redesign this time around?

When the iPhone 4S launched back in October last year, there was a lot of criticism from tech pundits and consumers about the design. Everyone was expecting something brand new other than just a doppelganger of the iPhone 4. Nevertheless, the iPhone 4S went on to sell extremely well and became the top selling iPhone model for Apple to date.

Now as we approach another possible iPhone launch (iPhone 5), we come back to the same situation. Rumors suggest a teardrop design, larger display, use of aluminum instead of glass and an overall slimmer form factor. While all that sound great, what we think people really want is just a new design for the iPhone 5. After all, one of the many joys of buying a shiny new toy is letting other people to be able to see that, and also how something new feels in your hand.

The faster processor, better camera, LTE and iOS 6 upgrades aside, what I really want is just a new design. The last thing you want is your brand new iPhone 5 which you will likely need to be living with for the next two-years of your contract to resemble the then 4-year old iPhone 4.

Do you think Apple will be able to pull of having the iPhone 5 look just like the iPhone 4 once again? If they did, would you buy it or explore other mobile platform alternatives like Android and Windows Phone? Sound off in the comments below.

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