Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus Countdown: 10 More Days To Go?

It looks like Verizon’s exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will come to an end this month. Sprint, the third largest carrier in the US had already announced that they would be carrying an LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus very soon, but failed to give a release date. Now new evidence has surfaced which suggests it could happen within the next two weeks.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date set for April 22?

The folks over at Droid-Life have managed to get their hands on the Sprint training schedule which dictates that the training for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ends on April 22, exactly ten days from today.

Given that we saw signage earlier this week which said “Do not open until 4/15,” it makes sense that it is because there was still a week of training to go.

So if I were a betting man, I’d put it on all April 22nd at the moment. Nevertheless, without official confirmation from Sprint we would suggest taking this leak with a grain of salt.