Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note Unveiled, Looks Bigger Than It Is

While all eyes were on Verizon to announce their version of the Samsung Galaxy Note (believed to be called the Galaxy Journal), the folks over at Sprint jumped the gun and unveiled the Galaxy Note on their website, albeit temporarily.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note hinted by Sprint website

The Samsung Galaxy Note ad you see below popped up on the Sprint website and then was pulled shortly after with no reason given. Given that Sprint and Samsung are yet to announce such a device, that could very well be the reason.

Now if you’re wondering what makes the above image the Samsung Galaxy Note other than its sheer size (yes, we know it isn’t as big as ‘Sofia’ who is standing next to it but its dimensions are obvious based on what’s being displayed on the screen.

Anyone waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note to land on Sprint? Or are you smitten by the HTC EVO 4G LTE and Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus already? Sound off in the comments below.

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