iPhone 5 Shows Up For Testing, Packs A Punch [REPORT]

If reports hold true, the iPhone 5 will launch this summer at WWDC 2012. Given this information, it would only be natural that some new iPhone 5 test units should be floating around the Cupertino campus test labs.

iPhone 5 undergoing testing, incredibly fast?

No a reports from 9to5Mac claims that an iPhone 5 prototype along with an iPod touch have reached Apple’s labs and undergoing tests as we speak. Interestingly, the iPhone 5 prototype packs 1GB RAM along with a variation of the A5X chip that we see in the New iPad 3. The report adds that the iPhone 5 is incredibly fast.

Now if you’ve read an iPhone 4S review before, you will know that despite the many upgrades it had over its predecessor, it remained with 512MB RAM just like in the iPhone 4. This was quite surprising but nevertheless allowed the iPhone to operate smoothly. Now with twice as much RAM and a modified A5X chip, we can expect the iPhone 5 to pack quite a punch.

While the iPhone has not necessarily been heralded for its powerful hardware (Android models at the time of release generally pack higher specs), the New iPad 3 certainly changed things. Not only did it provide a rich media experience like its predecessor, but it GPU was the most powerful on the market and its Retina Display arguably the best. So we could very well see the same with the iPhone 5 which may actually be ahead of the pack come launch day in terms of packing the most powerful hardware.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.