You Would Have To Be Stupid To Buy An iPhone 4S… Current Sentiment In Wake Of New iPhone 5 Reports?

As we move into Q2 2012, we find ourselves still waiting for the next-generation smartphones to arrive. That top smartphones on the market at the moment were all introduced back in 2011 (iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, S2, Motorola DROID RAZR). And now as the HTC One X approaches its US release, we can finally hope that this is the floodgate to the next-generation devices.

iPhone 5 reports suggest “most significant iPhone upgrade” ever

We’re of course talking about the Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Blade and the iPhone 5. While the former two smartphones will battle it out with one another, the iPhone 5 has its legion of fans and will find its biggest competitor in its predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

This brings us to the next question. Should you buy an iPhone 4S now when the iPhone 5 could launch as early as in 2 months (June at WWDC 2012)? According to the latest reports from US-based analysts, the iPhone 5 will be redesigned from the ground up and dwarf the company’s previous launches, so much so that it will drive stock value to $1,001 a share (currently at $600).

In addition to a full redesign, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White reports that the ‘new sleek look’ iPhone 5 will also feature a 4-inch display. This ties in with all the rumors we’ve heard so far. White had the following note to investors:

‘In our view, this will be the most significant iPhone upgrade with a four-inch screen and a new, sleek look that we believe will require a Unibody case… This new, sleek look will be the most important reason that consumers decide to upgrade to the iPhone 5, while we believe the addition of 4G will also attract buyers of the new device.”

If these reports hold true, then you will be kicking yourself for not waiting another two months to see what happens at WWDC 2012. The iPhone 4S shares the same form factor as its predecessor, the iPhone 4 which launched back in mid-2010. If you do spring for an iPhone 4S now in 2012, you could be hanging on to it until 2014. That makes the design almost 4 years old. Now to put this in terms that we can visualize, it would be the equivalent of comparing the original iPhone 2G’s design with the iPhone 4 which has exactly four years in between them.

And while we are still comparing the original iPhone to the iPhone 4, it is important to note that the same applies with technology. One of the biggest issues with the original iPhone was that it didn’t support 3G at a time when nearly all high-end smartphone did. The same will shortly apply to the iPhone 4S and LTE. Given that the New iPad ‘3’ practically confirmed that LTE is coming to the iPhone 5, and Verizon also making an official statement earlier this year that it planned to eventually only launch smartphones with LTE and spend less money on its 3G infrastructure, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with 3G speeds for the next couple of years.

Do you plan on waiting until this summer before making a decision? Or do you plan to upgrade to the iPhone 4S right now given that it is arguably the best smartphone on the market right now? Sound off in the comments below.


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