iPhone 5 To Skip Samsung Galaxy S3 Feud, Battle With Nexus 4 Instead?

With the New iPad 3 launch out of the way, the next surprise is expected to be the iPhone 5. While with previous iPhone launches, we could be confident that it would debut in the summer at WWDC, things have become uncertain as of last year.

iPhone 5 may skip Samsung Galaxy S3 battle, debut nearer to Google Nexus 4

Back at WWDC 2011 last summer, Apple only announced iOS 5, leaving the iPhone 4S for a fall launch only. At the time, it was believed to have to do with issues in trying to integrate 4G LTE into the device. Nevertheless, it sort of made things a little uncertain for the iPhone 5.

Now as the summer of 2012 arrives, we once again wonder whether the iPhone 5 will launch at WWDC or wait for October only. Now South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper is reporting that Apple plans to launch the iPhone 5 in October. The publication got direct word from the head of human resources at Foxconn’s Taiyuan factory. The human resources head said that Foxconn “just got the order,” and that the iPhone 5 “release will be around October.”

If this does hold true then we could see the iPhone 5 skip its battle against the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is expected to be announced in Q2. What we may instead see is the iPhone 5 go head to head with the Google Nexus 4 given that the Nexus series has never failed to skip its holiday launches.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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