[PICS] Apple-Owned Company Leaks Retina Display HDTV Specs?

Rumors of Apple working on a HDTV have been circulating for months now and to date, most details come from suppliers and ‘industry insiders’. Now comes another leak via FileMakerGo, an app developer that is owned by Apple.

Apple iTV / Panel HDTV rumors resurface after new leak

The leak you see below was first found by Reddit users ‘rhet121’ who stumbled upon it in the new FilemakerGo.app sample database update. It is owned by Apple after all. It mentions a 40-inch Retina class LCD HDTV that’s ideal for a ‘medium size room’ and features light sensors that adjust the back-lit display based on the ambient lighting in the room. It also features a superslim design that’s only 4-inches deep.

Now it is important to note that this could just be some kind of joke on the part of FileMakerGo developers, or simply a placeholder for something else. There’s no real way of knowing what we are looking at but given that the 40-inch form factor has popped up a lot when it comes to Apple iTV rumors, there is some substance behind it.

We’ll keep you posted if anything else develops but don’t expect it as all eyes are currently on the iPad mini and upcoming iPhone 5. Have a good weekend folks.


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