iPhone 5 Release Pegged For June 15, Bundled With New iOS 6 Update? (Rumor)

If there’s any smartphone at this moment which has more hype behind it than the Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s the iPhone 5. Just like the Galaxy S3 too, we know nothing concrete about it and everything that’s circulating are rumors. Now there’s another one to add to the rumor mill, the potential release date of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 release date rumored for June 15

The folks over at iPhone5NewsBlog report that the iPhone 5 will likely release this summer as compared to the fall following the later release schedule set by the delayed iPhone 4S launch last year. According to the blog, the magic date will be June 15, which is supposedly the last day of WWDC 2012, the venue for past iPhone announcements.

The blog found a “conference meeting” booked at the usual venue for WWDC for June 11 to June 15th. Now given that it is impossible to confirm whether this booking is for an Apple event at this time, we would take the June 15 release date suggested by the blog with a grain of salt.

While we do have high hopes for a summer launch, you have to take into account the fact that those who springed for an iPhone 4S back in October last year would be disappointed that a successor has already arrived less than a year since their purchase.

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