Tit For Tat: Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note (Journal) For AT&T Galaxy Nexus

You’ve got to love US carriers and the whole limited exclusivity deals when it comes to major phone releases. Just like how we saw Verizon grab the Samsung Galaxy Nexus exclusively and miss out on the Galaxy S2, may we find the same situation play out here once again with two more very popular Samsung phones that are already on the market.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note (Journal) and AT&T Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE rumors

Back during SuperBowl this year, rumors of a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note appeared which claimed that the humungous 5.3-inch Android phone/tablet would be making its way to Big Red under the guise of the Samsung Galaxy Journal. The only question was exactly how long of an exclusivity did AT&T have on the Samsung Galaxy Note before other carriers could get their hands on it.

Now the folks over at AndroidRev state that their sources can confirm that an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Nexus is headed our way as well. This is of course not the first time we heard about it as we were expecting it to launch before the Sprint variant if it weren’t for Sprint’s official announcement already. Given that AT&T’s LTE network has a wider coverage area than Sprint’s at this point, it only made sense that the LTE capable Samsung Galaxy Nexus would land on AT&T ahead of Sprint.

Nevertheless both these devices are still just an unconfirmed rumor so we will have to just wait to know more. It will be interesting however to see how well a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note and AT&T Samsung Galaxy Nexus would sell given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is supposedly right around the corner and destined for all 4 major US carriers.