Sprint iPhone 5 Only US iPhone Model To Avoid New iPad 3 LTE Woes?

The New iPad 3 has been heralded as the best tablet on the market right now. While it does suffer for some small issues like battery charging times and overheating, one of the biggest complaints with the New iPad has to do with how quickly it manages to hit data caps when it comes to 4G LTE data.

Sprint iPhone 5 may be only US iPhone with unlimited 4G LTE data

Targeted mainly as a media consumption device, it comes as no surprise that many users are reportedly finishing their unlimited data plan within days. Now with the iPhone 5 expected to launch next anytime this year, and come with LTE capabilities just like its sibling, we may see this problem affect many more millions of users.

The iPhone 5, as one would expect, will find itself outside of WiFi areas more often than the iPad 3 when being used. As such, we will be seeing many more users affected by the LTE data caps, that is unless they are on Sprint.

According to a recent statement from Sprint, their 4G LTE data plans will be unlimited. This would make them the only carrier in the US that is expected to get an iPhone 5 and offer unlimited 4G LTE data.

The big question here though is. Will Sprint’s LTE network be able to offer widespread coverage by the time the iPhone 5 launches, and whether that will be enough of an incentive for iPhone buyers to consider switching away from the two largest carriers in the US.

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