Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3: The Only S3 In The US That Won’t End Up Costing You A Bomb After

With the official announcement of the Sprint HTC Evo 4G LTE, Sprint has a new powerhouse in its lineup. However if rumors serve true, we could see a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 announced later this month and launch as early as April-end to early-May. If the HTC EVO 4G LTE has any phone to worry about other than an iPhone 5, it would be this one.

Sprint confirms unlimited LTE data, gives Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘all-you-can eat buffet’

While the New iPad 3 was heralded for its upgrades, it did come at a higher cost than many users expected. Users complained that due to the blazing 4G LTE speeds, they would eat up their LTE data plan within days. Given that a recent survey suggested that Android users consumer more mobile data versus iPhone users (rely more on WiFi), we can imagine the problems Samsung Galaxy S3 users will run into with data caps.

As blazingly fast as the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be, users will need to ‘hold back’ when it comes to data surfing so as to not hit their data caps too soon and cost them a bomb every month in overages. This would be a problem for the first and second largest carriers in the US only (Verizon and AT& respectively) as Sprint has confirmed its LTE data plans will be unlimited.

The only catch here is that Sprint’s LTE network is in its infancy so it may be some time before they reach similar coverage as Verizon, the leading LTE mobile provider at this time.

If you are planning on getting a Samsung Galaxy S3, would you jump to Sprint just for unlimited LTE?

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