18,000 Workers Hired For iPhone 5 June Launch, Assures Apple Hired Foxconn Plant’s Recruiter

Unlike with past iPhone releases, you could bet your last dollar that the next-generation iPhone would debut in June at WWDC. However with last year’s delayed release of the iPhone 4S, there is now the possibility that we could see the iPhone 5 launch as late as this fall.

iPhone 5 release date may be June after all (report)

Now during an interview with TV-Tokyo, a recruiter for Apple’s hired Chinese plant Foxconn, who are in charge of manufacturing the iPhone, inadvertently mentioned the company’s plans to introduce 18,000 new workers to their current 80,000 “for the fifth-generation phone.” The recruiter added that he is under the impression that the iPhone 5 will debut in June.

While the Foxconn recruiter shouldn’t have any inside knowledge as to the exact date of the iPhone 5 release, he should be aware of his company’s hiring requirements for the production line. So a confirmed expansion by 18,000 workers with the aim of finishing production of an Apple product by June certainly does sound like it relates to the upcoming iPhone 5.

At this time, word on the street is that the iPhone 5 will get a larger display, faster processor, redesigned form factor and LTE connectivity.


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