Instagram For Android Released, Literally Disgusts iPhone Users

By now you will be well aware that the highly anticipated Instagram app for Android has hit the Google Play Store a.k.a Android Market. While there were a couple of kinks to work out in the start, the creators behind Instagram were quick to fire out an update and correct the force closing issues many Android users faced with the app.

Instagram for Android grosses out iPhone users

Now the actual app features aside, it looks like iPhone users who once had an exclusivity on Instagram, aren’t so happy about it being made available for Android. Yes, you read that right. iPhone users appear to be grossed out and disgusted with the fact that there is an Instagram Android app.

Now we’re not going to get into why in the world Apple users should even care about Instagram coming to Android so as to not start a flame war here as well. So check out a collection of some of the tweets by iPhone users who found out about the Android variant below (compiled by Buzzfeed).

Let’s try and be civil in the comments below folks. On a side note, we’ll be posting a new story tomorrow detailing the difference between the iPhone and Android version of Instagram so stay tuned.