New iPad 3 Gave LTE To The Masses, Guess What iPhone 5 May Bring?

Apple fans will be please. Apple has never prematurely revealed information about its product. However its patent application could be an indicator of what is to come.

iPhone 5 may take 3D camera capturing technology to a new level, hints Apple patent

Apple has filed for a patent on a 3D imaging camera which will apply to still photography and video. We don’t know when it will be implemented or how, but it would most probably be part of Apple’s future iOS devices e.g. iPhone 5 followed by the iPod touch 5 and iPad 4 later on.

Apple’s labs are developing cameras with depth detection sensors like LIDAR, RADAR and Laser which will create stereo disparity maps in creating 3D imagery. The camera will also utilize advanced chrominance and luminance Sensors for colour accuracy. The new cameras will also feature facial recognition and facial gesturing technology.

Apple isn’t the only company working on 3D camera technology, but it could make it widely available. The patented camera technology will give iOS devices the ability to view stunning 3D images which can be appreciated on Apple’s Retina Display i.e the New iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.


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