[ALERT] Own An iPhone 4? Get Your $15 Rebate From Apple Now

To iPhone 4 owners out there facing antenna issues, those who are able to proof that they have a claim in a class action law-suit, breathe a sigh of relief as Apple’s  “antennagate”  is  nearing to an end and $15 will be given to each eligible fourth-generation iPhone owner for the trouble Apple and its iPhone 4 have caused.

iPhone 4 users entitled to $15 due to signal and reception woes

On Thursday, the launch of the website laid out the settlement terms that $15 in cash will be given to iPhone 4 owners who encountered problems with the antenna or reception, not been able to return their iPhone 4 without incurring any costs, or to those who were not willing to accept the free “bumper” case for their iPhone 4. The free bumper cases were handed out since July 2010 to those who argued that holding the phone in a certain way caused the iPhone 4 to lose cellular signal. A couple of days before the bumper giveaway was even announced by Apple, the class action suit was filed.

Furthermore, anybody who has completed the troubleshooting steps (here)  or have not been able to complete troubleshooting steps as they  don’t own the iPhone anymore, would also be an entitled claimant.

iPhone 4 users must complete an online form by August 28th in order to claim a share of settlement which was agreed on in February. An email from Apple will be received by iPhone 4 owners informing of the settlement by April 30th.

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