Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus Arrives In Stores April 22nd With 1.5GHz Processor [Walmart]?

Not only has the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus been officially announced by the carrier but its specs have also been practically confirmed. Unfortunately, the most important detail has been left out, a firm release date in stores.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date looks pegged for April 22

Now the folks over at TheVerge have managed to get their hands on a internal document from a Walmart employee which points to an April 22nd release date for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus:

“An anonymous Walmart employee has sent us an internal document stating that the device will launch on April 22nd at Sam’s Club — a Walmart-run discount club store. The device is to be identical to Verizon’s LTE variant of the device, except it has Google Wallet support and it’s still rumored to run at 1.5GHz — a 300MHz bump over its GSM and Verizon LTE cousins.”

TheVerge went on to cross-check the release dates mentioned about the other products on the list and they seem to deem the document genuine. If this does turn out to be true then we could see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus hit Sprint ahead of the HTC One X after all, giving Samsung the title for the first LTE phone on the carrier.