Samsung Galaxy S3 Easily Crushes HTC One X [Hands-On Video]

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is without a doubt the most awaited Android smartphone of 2012. It is expected to go head to head with the likes of the HTC One X, iPhone 5 and Motorola DROID Fighter. While nothing is known about the latter two, the recently leaked hands-on video of the Samsung Galaxy S3 can confirm one thing, it will easily crush the competition.

Samsung Galaxy S3 will easily crush HTC One X, iPhone 5 & Motorola Blade

At first glance, it does appear to be much thicker than expected. In fact, its weight may prove to be a concern for some and if you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note was unpocketable then you’d best stay away from the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The hands-on video was posted on YouTube by TechZpert and according to the source, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was found in a bathroom stall, possibly left behind by a Google employee. Here are some highlights from video as narrated by the poster:

“So vintage, so Google; excellent as a paper weight; nothing like Apple’s designs; a little thicker than expected; voice activated and hence unclear exactly how to use it; an excellent tool for break-ins, S3 labeled at top where front facing camera and proximity sensor should be.” Check out the video below and do tell us if the Samsung Galaxy S3 is everything your imagined!

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