[LEAK] New iPad & iPad 3 Not Same Tablet, Revealed Tomorrow On Cupertino Campus?

Apple launched the next-generation Apple tablet earlier in March and while most of the specs were no surprise (faster processor, LTE, Retina Display were all rumored earlier), what was surprising was its name.

New iPad and iPad 3 not same tablet after all? (rumor)

Instead of calling it the iPad ‘3’ as we expected, Apple went with ‘New iPad.’ This of course was strange and somewhat confusing. If you take retailers like Walmart for instance who were selling both the original iPad and iPad 3 the boxes on shelves didn’t mention the generation and just called both ‘iPad’.

So could this be the new naming scheme for future Apple products? Could the iPhone 5 just be called New iPhone? Maybe not. Earlier today we received the following picture from a reliable source that hints to an Apple event happening tomorrow. It appears to be a media invite which Apple generally sends out a week before the actual event. It shows what appears to be an iPad with a date in the bottom icon.

Why this particular invite hasn’t leaked on to the Web yet remains questionable. As with all leaks, we suggest taking this one with a grain of salt. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

Thanks Timo 🙂

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