iPhone No Longer Most Popular Camera On Flickr, New King In Town

While quite an achievement by itself, the Apple iPhone 4 was once the most popular camera on Flickr. Now we say that this is quite an achievement because for it to even make it into the top 5 list on one of the world’s most largest photography websites is remarkable by itself.

iPhone 4 loses top camera title on Flickr to Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR

So what camera bumped the iPhone 4 off the list? The Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR came in yesterday with 4,643 users uploading an image from it, while the iPhone 4 was at 4,460. The iPhone 4 first took the top spot back in June last year from the Nikon D90 and held it steadily ever since..

However this may be a shortlived victory for Canon. Given that the Canon 5D Mark III recently launched and resulted in a $300 price drop for the current 5D Mark II, it comes as no surprise for this spike in usage. Simultaneously, we can expect the iPhone 4S to continually keep gaining in usage as well (3,544 Flickr members uploading pictures from it yesterday).

Currently, there are two other Canon cameras on Flickr’s top 5 – the EOS Rebel T2i in 3rd place, and the Canon EOS 7D on 5th.


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