Android Tips: How To Speed Up Your Phone?

With Android smartphones being released at a quick pace, you will soon find your smartphone feel a little outdated or even incompatible with the latest apps to hit the Google Play Store a.k.a Android Market. So here are some tips to speed up your smartphone and hopefully get you through the rest of your contract.

Android tips: How to speed up your Android smartphone?

Increase storage space: You can free up space simply by deleting unused apps and also moving others to your SD card. This can be done from the Settings > Applications screen. If you still find it impossible to clear up your internal memory, you can try rooting your smartphone which should let you even uninstall default apps you don’t want like Amazon MP3, Navigation, etc…

Uninstall apps and widgets you don’t need: Certain apps run in the background and cause your smartphone to operate slower than normal because of this. The same applies for widgets.

New launcher: Sometimes, the best way to get some extra speed from an old Android smartphone is to try out new launchers. And if you happen to have rooted your Android, you can even try overclocking it or installing custom ROMs.