Apple: Tim Cook More Liked Than Steve Jobs (Survey)

While Steve Jobs may have saved Apple and is arguably the most popular CEO of our time, it appears that his successor, Tim Cook, may be able to fill his shoes after all.

Tim Cook more-liked than Steve Jobs at Apple?

According to anonymous employee posts on the employer reviews website Glassdoor, Cook has a higher approval rating than Steve Jobs, and also one that is higher than any other CEO in the US. Tim Cook’s 97% top Steve Jobs and the 95% he garnered in his last year at Apple.

So what could be the reason for Tim Cook being liked so much and even beating Steve Jobs out? It could be a number of reasons but the most obvious would be the fact that he sent Apple shares well above $600, a 50% rise over Jobs’. He also set up a charity that has since donated millions. And lastly, he tackled the whole China-Foxconn labor issue directly by going to China last week.

With the iPhone 5 expected to launch later this year, let’s see how 2012 fairs for Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook.