Did Walmart Sell You An iPad 1 Thinking It Was An iPad 3?

Earlier this week, we reported on a picture that was circulating over the Web which brought up a lot of concern about Apple’s new way of naming its next-generation tablet.

New iPad 3 & original iPad share same name on box and almost identical packaging

The picture showed a Walmart display for the New iPad. However, the signage showed off an iPad 2 and the actual demo tablet with its box that was showcased was the original iPad i.e. iPad 1.

Given that Apple called its latest tablet the New iPad instead of an iPad 3, the box doesn’t mention which generation tablet it is. The iPad 1 and iPad 3 are just called the iPad on the box, while the iPad 2 is the only one that differentiates itself with a number.

So if you happen to walk into your local Walmart and are unsure as to whether you are being sold an iPad 1 or New iPad (3), just check the model number. In my case, the model number was MD366C which a quick ‘Google’ tells you refers to the New iPad 3 models only.

After last week’s incident at Walmart with their incorrect display, we suggest you do a check before walking out of the store with your New iPad.

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