HTC’s iPod Touch Killer: Beats Audio, Kickstand & Quad-Stereo Sound

The iPod touch is a great media player and still stands unrivaled after all these years. While we have seen Android alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy Player, they never seemed to have caught on here in the US like other Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus.

HTC Android media player to take on iPod touch later this year?

Now a recently uncovered HTC patent hints of an upcoming WiFi-only HTC device that may be the iPod touch killer we’ve been waiting for, or at least what HTC envisions it to be.

The patent reveals a large-screen HTC device with stereo speakers on both ends where the bezel would usually be. If it does in fact run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich then it makes sense given that the latest Android update employs on-screen buttons and no longer requires those at the bottom. In addition to the two front speakers, there are another pair at the rear of the device for true stereo surround sound. Next to the back speakers we find a kickstand similar to the one on the HTC Evo 4G which should be a must for media players in my opinion.

To top it all off, we can expect Beats Audio integration naturally given that it is a HTC device. And the recent purchase of the MOG music streaming service by HTC is another big plus.

Would you pick a 4.3-inch+ HD HTC media player with Beats Audio, Android 4.0 and true stereo surround sound over an iPod touch? Sound off in the comments below.


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