Can An iPad Really Replace Your Laptop? Yes & Here’s How

With the release of the New iPad 3 with its powerful GPU, quad-core graphics processor and unmatchable Retina Display, it comes as no surprise that analysts continue to report that tablets are eating up PC sales. However the big question that comes to the mind of consumers is, can an iPad really replace the need for a laptop? The answer is most case is yes.

If you’re a power user when it comes to your laptop and desktop then you can stop reading here. For the rest of you folks, read on.

Can a New iPad 3 replace your need for a laptop?

If you find most of your ‘PC time’ is online then the New iPad (or for that matter any tablet) will be a better option. It has better battery life, more portable, and easier to use.

If you opt for a Bluetooth keyboard, and we’re talking about a real full-size Bluetooth keyboard versus the smaller ones that usually come in built-in iPad cases, you can even write documents, handle spreasheets, and other moderate ‘PC work’ with as much ease as on a real laptop. You will need a couple of apps like Desktop or Tapose which allow you to split screen your device (available in App Store) and you are good to go.

One area where the New iPad 3 would fall behind however would be no support for external drives e.g. CDs and DVDs. But with most things on the cloud, I can’t remember the last time I used the DVD drive on my laptop. Of course, without USB most large corporate enterprises worried about security when it comes to the Cloud may not find this a viable option.

So bottom line, if you are a light PC user or even a moderate one that needs to edit some documents and don’t mind purchasing an Bluetooth keyboard, the New iPad 3 may be able to take over the tasks your laptop and PC currently handle.

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