New iPhone App Gives Camera Shortcut On Lockscreen Just Like iOS 5.1

One of the cool new features that was introduced in iOS 5.1 was the camera shortcut on the lockscreen which made sure you wouldn’t miss those fleeting moments.

Camera Grabber for iOS 5.0: iPhone app gives you camera shortcut on lockscreen

The lockscreen camera icon allowed you access to the camera without having to unlock the phone first and then head on over to the app and click on it. Instead, you cold just slide the icon up the same way we see on Windows Phone 7 devices, and the camera app was activated.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have iOS 5.1 then you are out of luck, or at least you think you are. The Camera Grabber app for iOS 5 gives you the same Lockscreen functionality and the only catch is you need to jailbreak your iPhone.

So if this isn’t an issue and you want quick access to the camera on your iPhone, check out the Cydia ModMyi Repo and search for ‘Camera Grabber’.

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