Samsung Galaxy S3 Release May Just Be 2 Days Away Now

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the most awaited Android smartphone of 2012. While in the past, Galaxy S devices would launch internationally first and then make their way over to the US many months later, the latest reports suggest that Samsung may be gearing up for a global release this time similar to how Apple launches its products (iPhone, iPad, etc).

Samsung Galaxy S3 release hinted for March 30

Now, one of Samsung’s official partners, Phones 4U, have put up an enticing signboard at their London store in the UK (screenshot below). If Phones4U sound familiar, it is because they were the first store in the entire UK to make the Samsung Galaxy Nexus available.

Judging by the signage which states the March 30th date (two days from now), it looks like its something big, and there’s nothing bigger than the Galaxy S3 for Samsung right now.

Samsung themselves stated that they were considering moving the Samsung Galaxy S3 from May to April, so it won’t be a surprise to us if they had already made their decision and made their retailers aware of the impending launch date. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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