Forget iPhone 5, New iPhone 4S Case Gives 5.3″ Retina Display

Reports of the next-generation iPhone, the iPhone ‘5’, likely to come equipped with a 4.6-inch Retina Display has gotten tech outlets very excited. While the buzzing report is still a rumor, here is something that’s real.

Forget iPhone 5 rumors, iPhone 4S case boasts 5.3-inch Retina Display magnification

Magnicase has just announced an iPhone 4S case with a built in high-quality Fresnel lens. The lens magnifies the 3.5-inch display on your iPhone 4S to a whopping 5.3-inches. With 250 grooves per-inch destiny, the manufacturer states that it will provide a resolution equal to the new iPad Retina Display. That’s right, the iPad 3!

To use it, you simply flip out the lens which enlarges the display (picture below). The unique Fresnel lens and its extension arm does not block your handsets functions and lets you operate it (touch, swipe, type) like how you normally would. It also folds away very quickly.

The creators of the device are looking for orders via Kickstarter so  they get this on shelves. It is currently priced at $40 for the case, with each replacement Fresnel lens setting you back $10. It come in Black, Blue, Clear, Grey, Pink, and White.