New iPhone 5 May Come This Summer After All Despite Delayed iPhone 4S Launch (Report)

Many buyers were extremely disappointed last year when the iPhone 4S failed to debut at WWDC 2011. Instead, the long-anticipated iPhone had its release schedule pushed to the fall, and only arrived in stores sometime around October.

iPhone 5 may still launch this summer (report)

Now as the New iPad 3 has already been released, all eyes are now on the iPhone 5 and its potential release date. Based on what happened last year, wouldn’t be surprised if Apple were to launch the iPhone 5 in the fall again, giving iPhone 4S buyers a whole year to enjoy their device as being the ‘latest’ model.

However the Washington Post now points out to a report from MicGadget in China which hints that Apple is gearing up for the production of the iPhone 5 right now already, hence hinting a WWDC 2012 debut:

“A report from M.I.C. Gadget mentions that Foxconn is in the midst of a hiring drive for production of the iPhone 5, causing some to speculate that the next iPhone will be coming in June, instead of in the fall,” said the Washington Post.

Do you think Apple will go back to its usual summer launch schedule this year for the iPhone 5? Or did the huge sales success of the iPhone 4S already prove to Apple that it doesn’t matter when they release their phone, it will still sell well. Sound off in the comments below.