iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy Note (Humor)

The Samsung Galaxy Note is currently the biggest smartphone on the US market and despite newer smartphones coming to light, its popularity continues to skyrocket given that there is no other smartphone on the market with a screen size to match it, as well as hopes that it will land on Verizon as the Samsung Galaxy Journal.

Late last year when the Samsung Galaxy Note was first announced, tech pundits skewered it for being awkward with one-handed operations, somewhat ‘unpocketable’, and that it brought the stylus back to smartphones. The late Steve Jobs too was was vocal about smartphones with stylus support, calling them out as being failures from the get-go. However the Samsung Galaxy Note seems to have proved everyone wrong and continues to sell well despite many folks not being able to understand why.

Earlier today, one of our readers posted us this interesting meme that we just had to share with you folks. Whether you are an iPhone 4S or a Samsung Galaxy Note fan, this will no doubt make you chuckle (see below).

Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4S meme

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Note? Do you want to see more smartphones with advanced stylus support and screen sizes above 5-inches? Sound off in the comments below.

Thanks Steven J. 🙂

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