Samsung Galaxy S2: 3 Things You Didn’t Know Your Phone Could Do

Despite the many new Android smartphones that have been released in 2012 already, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still a hot seller. And with millions of units sold worldwide and the popularity of the Galaxy S2 remaining steady, there are new users coming on board everyday. For you folks, here are 5 things you may know know your Samsung Galaxy S2 could do.

Samsung Galaxy S2 tips and tricks

Take a screenshot: You can take screenshots of what you see on the 4.3-inch display by simple holding down the Home and the Power buttons together. We’re heard some complaints of this feature not working after the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update but they are scattered reports.

Quick brightness settings: The notification bar has a couple of hidden tricks that you may not have stumbled upon. One for instance is that if you hold your finger down on the notification bar, it turns into a brightness scroll. This is ideal when you find the auto-brightness feature is being difficult.

Quick dialing: The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the few Android phones that still support using the numeric keypad to find your Contact based on their name. You can use this for both calling and texting.

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