[ALERT] Apple: Don’t Leave Your New iPad 3 On The Charger When Battery Indicator Hits 100

By now you would have heard about the battery issues with the New iPad. While reports of the iPad 3 running hotter than it should have been circulating for weeks now, a new development arose just last week to do with the battery indicator.

New iPad 3 shouldn’t be left on charger after battery indicator shows full

According to a test conducted by Display-Mate, the New iPad 3 battery indicator hits the 100 percent mark approximately 1.2 hours before the battery truly is at full capacity. While Apple has remained quiet up until now about the entire ‘Battery-gate’ fiasco, only saying that the New iPad 3 is operating as they intended, this report by Display-Mate has pushed Apple to make a statement. A video report by CNBC last week claimed Apple said users will damage the iPad’s battery if they continue to allow the New iPad to charge after the battery indicator reaches 100 percent:

“Apple is saying… if you charge it more than [when the battery indicator reads 100%], you could actually harm the longevity of the battery,” said CNBC’s Jon Fortt in that video report.

Now we don’t think its worth taking that risk just to get an extra hour out of your New iPad 3. So it is best you avoid charging your New iPad 3 past the 100 percent mark, at least until Apple releases an update to correct that faulty battery indicator.