Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smokes Windows Phone 7 In Contest, Finally Reaps Reward

By now you would have heard about the controversy that unfolded over the weekend at one of the many Microsoft Stores running the Windows Phone 7 Smoke Challenge.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus beats Windows Phone 7 in Smoke Challenge

Here’s a quick recap. Apparently a Samsung Galaxy Nexus owner (Sahas Katta) took part in the competition where the challenge was to see who could launch two weather widgets the fastest. He managed to beat the Windows Phone 7 device with his Samsung Galaxy Nexus but lost out because the weather pulled up for the two cities was from the “same state”. This was obviously irrelevant but he walked out of there without the prize and later wrote about the incident on his blog.

Well it now looks like Microsoft is coming clean and confirming that Sahas Katta did in fact win the Windows Phone 7 Smoke challenge, and have awared him a phone and laptop, alongside an apology. Below was the tweet from Microsoft’s BenThePCGuy:

This is the second individual which we’ve seen reports of on the Web who won the competition. Did you take part in the Windows Phone 7 smoke challenge at your local Microsoft Store? What was the outcome? Sound off in the comments below.