Runtastic App Makes Your Nose Touch Your Android To Recognize Push-Up, Genius!

The Google Play Store a.k.a Android Market is filled with health and fitness apps but once in a while something comes along that truly changes the way we interact with apps. We’re talking about the Runtastic Push-Up Android app which is your personal push-up trainer to reach your strength goals easily.

Runtastic Push-Up app for Android – free in Play Store now

The app is not that different from other push-up apps which promise to make you break whatever push-up number barrier you’re stuck at. It promises to make you reach 100 push-ups in 8 weeks and it does so by making each push-up count. That’s where this fitness app gets interesting.

Taking advantage of the proximity sensor on your Android phone which is normally used to recognize your face pressing against the screen of the phone during phone calls, it waits to sense your nose touch the screen. It counts the number of touches and simultaneously makes sure you’re going all the way down to the floor.

Other features include an Automatic countdown timer for your break between sets, Voice Coach, Personal records and statistics. Best of all, its free!

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