[ALERT] Samsung Galaxy S2 Users Targeted By Suspicious Update Today

If you happen to have a Samsung Galaxy S2 then be extra cautious today with the notifications in your Status bar as you may end up installing a malware by accident.

Samsung Galaxy S2 users prompted by Google Play Store to install suspicious app

We are receiving reports that the Google Play Store a.k.a Android Market, is prompting Samsung Galaxy S2 users that an update is available for them. It appears to be disguised as a Russian language firmware update.

From what we’ve heard, it is apparently screwing up Samsung Galaxy S2 phones already but we haven’t received any details yet as to what exactly it is trying to do. Given that its name is in Russian, we can’t tell you what it is called but it is developed by OJSC Mobile Telesystems and its icon is a red box with a white “@” logo inside. Check out the screenshot at the bottom to see what we mean.

Have you received a similar prompt to update your Samsung Galaxy S2? Did you accidentally install it? Sound off in the comments below.