T-Mobile Data Plan Price Hike Set For April 4

From April 4 onwards, T-Mobile looks set to hike up the prices of certain data plans it currently offers. According to the folks over at TMoNews how managed to get their hands on a leaked circular from T-Mobile, the pink carrier is set to raise the price of the Premium 5GB Promotional Bundles and Ultra – 10GB Promotional Bundles Classic data features by $5 per month. Both currently available Classic 5GB and 10GB promotional bundles will be swapped with these new plans and the $5 hike.

T-Mobile unlimited data promo plan price hike tipped for April 4

The good news here is that if you’ve already jumped on the 5GB and 10GB promotional data plans, you’re in the safe zone. So if you’re even contemplating doing so, you have just over a week to do it at the current price.

Now this looks like an obvious move to get customers over to their value plans. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but more of a confusing one. If you’re used to buying your smartphones on a contract then you will know just how much of a headache it can be sometimes to figure out which value plan is best for you. As for those who usually buy their smartphone or tablet unlocked with the full sticker price tag, its business as usual.

Anyone planning on jumping on these promotional plans before their price tag goes up?