Are There Any Advantages Of A Full-Glass Apple iPhone 5?

The Apple iPhone 5 is expected to launch sometime this summer if Apple manages to get back on their traditional WWDC launch schedule, and as expected, the iPhone rumor mill is running in high gear already.

While many of the rumors we’ve heard to date to do with the iPhone 5 are very similar to what was originally speculated about the iPhone 4S (LTE, larger display, quad-core processor, smaller dock port), there are some new developments.

New iPhone 5 to boast all-glass body

The latest speculation for the upcoming device is backed up by recent news reports on Engadget, which refer to a couple of Apple’s patents which suggest that the Cupertino-based company may be launching an iPhone 5 that is compromised of a full glass exterior.

Now while the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 which both feature glass rear casing have been found to be tough and scratch resistant, we’ve seen our fair share of drop tests where the iPhone’s rear panel shatters on impact. Furthermore, there is no advantage to a full glass iPhone 5 much as there was no advantage to one such a rear except for aesthetic reasons. It doesn’t give the iPhone 5 more strength, durability or even make it lightweight.

Nokia Lumia 800, Motorola DROID RAZR and upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 playing with different materials too

We’ve seen Nokia do wonders with polycarbonate; the Kevlar-like skin on the rear of the DROID RAZR is quite interesting; and if rumors come true the Rado-like ceramic casing of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will no doubt look better than the plastic housing its predeccessor, the S2. So would you want to see a full-glass iPhone 5 this summer or do you think its time Apple explores other materials for the exterior body? Sound off in the comments below.