HTC Android With Galaxy Note Size & Galaxy S3 Bendable Screen Has Best Of Both Worlds… Too Bad It’s Just A Concept

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been selling very well globally despite earlier qualms that a phone that big would not catch on. Touching on that, the only shortcoming of the Samsung Galaxy Note was that it wasn’t pocketable and somewhat awkward to hold when it came to one handed operation.

Concept HTC Android phone takes best of Samsung Galaxy Note & Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors

Interestingly, Samsung showcased its flexible display technology back at CTIA this year which would have been perfect for the Samsung Galaxy Note (although Samsung added that its flexible AMOLED display components wouldn’t go into production until later this year). Now a German designer by the name of Max Borhof has come up with an interesting HTC Android concept phone that incorporates both of these features.

While he doesn’t call it a HTC, given the uncanny resemblance to the HTC Sense UI, it goes without saying. As can be seen, when unfolded it is twice the size of what it would be when in your pocket. The display also allows you to operate it in a partial open position, in case you don’t want it fully expanded or wish to have it sit without a kickstand case.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was rumored to be the first phone to incorporate Samsung’s flexible AMOLED display, however given that Samsung may launch the Galaxy S3 as early as next month, we would say it is too soon to get such a display.

Check out the concept pictures below and tell us if you think such a design would catch on.