Sprint & Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note: Is It Still Coming?

The Samsung Galaxy Note created quite an impression earlier this year during SuperBowl. At around the same time, rumors arose suggesting that we could see the giant tablet/phone hybrid make its way to Sprint and Verizon as well under they name Samsung Galaxy Journal.

Sprint & Samsung Galaxy Note (Journal) release date still in the dark

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything since then and all the rumors that were spread by tech outlets at the time seem to have fizzled off. Now as the months continue to pass, the Samsung Galaxy Note and its hardware is slowly beginning to age. With Samsung expected to announce the Galaxy S3 as early as next month, this would make Note’s internals seem outdated. And if rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S3 sporting a new Exynos quad-core processor that’s compatible with 4G LTE radios, it could mean the end of Galaxy phones using Snapdragon processors.

If the Samsung Galaxy S3 launches next month, we wouldn’t be surprised if a Galaxy Note successor isn’t too far off as well. So while Sprint and Verizon may have plans to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note (possibly at CTIA in May?), we may see better alternatives already break cover by then.

Are you still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note to land on Sprint and Verizon? If the Samsung Galaxy S3 were to be announced in the same month, would you opt for the newer Galaxy phone automatically? Sound off in the comments below.

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