iPhone 5 & iOS 6: Most-Wanted Features

With the release of the New iPad 3 and iOS 5.1, we’ve gotten a taste of things to come for iOS devices in 2012. In particular, Apple looks to have jumped on the 4G LTE train and has stuck in a much higher capacity battery to ensure that iOS devices don’t take a hit in usage times because of this.

The next iOS device on the horizon will be the iPhone 5 which is expected to launch either in the summer (WWDC 2012) or follow the later fall schedule that the iPhone 4S did. So what features would you like to see in the next iPhone and the updated iOS (iOS 6?) it will likely release with? Let us get the ball rolling with a couple of the most common requests and you can add your ‘iPhone 5 wishlist’ in the comments at the bottom:

Most-wanted iPhone 5 and iOS 6 features (wishlist)

Ability to hide most native apps: Not everyone is interested in the Weather, Stock and even iBooks app.

Browser Change: It would be great if you could change the default browser app (currently Safari) given that the best browsers are already available in the App Store.

More flexibility in Safari: We would like to see file/photo upload abilities added to the browser.

Brightness slider: Just like how you can access the Brightness slider in the iPad from inside any app, it would be a great feature to have on the iPhone 5 as well.

Landscape Lock: If you have a landscape dock on your nightstand then you will know just what we mean.

Tell us what you want to see in the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 in the comments below!

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