Do You Like Your New iPad 3? If Yes, Then It Must Be Defective

Despite the New iPad 3 being arguably declared as the best tablet on the market right now by tech pundits thanks to its powerful GPU and high-resolution ‘Retina Display’, it isn’t without its fair share of bugs.

New iPad 3 issues being blown up into another ‘antennagate’

However because of the record weekend it had with over 3 million iPads sold (not counting pre-orders), the number of defects reported are rolling in fast and hard.

Beginning with and a number of other tech outlets turning on the highbeams on the ‘heatgate’ fiasco (according to Apple, the New iPad 3 is not running any hotter than they anticipated), we have since seen reports of issues to do with the New iPad 3 battery charging slowly, unstable WiFi, and a warmer screen color than the iPad 2.

If you’ve read New iPad review then you know just how much we liked it and recommend users to consider it over the other tablets available on the market at the moment (yes, even taking the discounted iPad 2 price into consideration). And we haven’t come across a single one of these issues with our test iPad 3 unit to date despite the long term test. So that brings up an interesting question – do we have a defective iPad 3 and as such aren’t experiencing any of these problems? Or are all these reports of the iPad 3 running warmer, having WiFi, screen and battery woes, made to sound more rampant than they actually are?

Let’s find out. Do you have any of these gripes with your New iPad 3? Sound off in the comments below.

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