Tips: How To Speed Up Your iPhone

With the recent rollout of the iOS 5 update, many users with an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 complained that they noticed their devices were a little slower when it came to things like the keyboard loading, apps starting up and even Springboard stuttering when scrolling. The issue here appears to have to do with the fact that the new iOS 5 features require more memory and CPU resources than the previous version.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to gain back the speed you had before the update without sacrificing some of the features. So here are some ways you can speed up your iPhone but at the loss of some features. You may one to weigh which is more important to you before you proceed.

Tips on how to speed up your iPhone

Make space: Delete apps you don’t use, clear your Safari’s cache, remove songs and videos you no longer want and delete wallpapers you don’t use anymore. While freeing up disk space doesn’t have that big of an impact when it comes to speed, it is one of the few things that is easy to do and will make some difference. You can check out your Settings >> Usage screen to see what is eating up the most space in your iPhone.

Disable location services: If you are not the type to use apps that require to track your location and GPS coordinates, turn this off immediately.

Turn off some notifications: Head on over to settings and change Notifications to “Manually”. Then turn off notifications from selected apps that you can do without. There is no point notifications are fired out from games you rarely play for instance. This will make a significant difference in terms of speed.

Free your RAM: The easiest way to do this is to turn off indexing in Spotlight. If you are like me and don’t use Spotlight, this step is very important. However if you need Spotlight for just some apps, then you can even choose which one to leave out individually e.g. Audiobooks, Events, Podcasts, etc.

Disabling iCloud & iMessage: If you don’t use these features then turn them off as they are also known to hog RAM.

Are there any other ways you have successfully found to make your iPhone faster? If so, sound off in the comments below.

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