Kidsafe: The Ultimate iPhone Case For Parents

If you have kids then you will know very well just how fond they are of the iPhone. Not only is it easy to use but so interactive that you will have a tough time getting it back once they have their grubby paws on them.

Kidsafe is the ultimate iPhone case for protection against kids

While buying an iPhone case with adequate protection would mean that you could hand it to your kids without worrying about them denting or scratching it, there are problems on the software level. Kids can easily press the home button and exit the app you selected for them. They are then free to roam around your Settings and launch other apps they shouldn’t be nosing around. That’s where the KidSafe iPhone case comes in.

Featuring a reversible cover, you can use it for adequate protection for your daily needs and flip it around to block the home buttons (and protect the edges) when you give it to your kids. It is a simple concept, isn’t bulky, nor cumbersome to do whenever the rugrats start screaming at the top of their lungs for your iPhone case.

The KidSafe iPhone case is BPA free, non toxic and available in Arctic White, Grass Green and Charcoal Black for only $24.95.