New iPad 3 Lesser Advertised Features: A Testicles Warmer

Apple announced a record weekend on Monday when it stated that it sold 3 million New iPad 3 tablets over the weekend. This blows away sales of the original iPad which only hit 1 million units in 30 days.

New iPad 3 may be bad for sperm count

While all news and reviews about the New iPad 3 have been positive, there is one little issue with the next-generation tablet that is attracting a lot of controversy – its temperature.

First reported over a week ago and now even confirmed by the folks over at Consumer Reports who put the tablet through an infra red scanner (see picture below), the New iPad 3 runs 10 degrees hotter than its predecessor, the iPad 2.

And just like how males have been told to avoid putting laptops on their lap if they were planning on having children in the future so as to not kill off their sperms, the New iPad 3 find itself in a similar conundrum.

So if you’re one of those folks who rests the New iPad 3 on their laurels for hours at a time, try and avoid it and your future children will thank you. And by the way, the medical term for this condition is called testicular hypothermia. The more you know.

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