New iPhone 5: My Ears Are Burning, Among Other Things

The Apple iPhone 5 is expected to launch sometime this summer at WWDC 2012 if Apple returns back to their usual schedule, or we may find it pushed to the fall just like the iPhone 4S delays had done. Either way, we can be confident that a New iPhone will arrive in 2012.

New iPhone 5 rumors

There have been debates as to whether it would be called the iPhone 5 or the New iPhone, as well as whether it would finally be the right time for Apple to move away from the 3.5-inch screen size it has been on for over 4 years now. Given that the third generation iPad (New iPad 3) still remains at 9.7-inches however, has many tech pundits doubtful.

However what can be ‘confirmed’ is that the New iPhone ‘5’ will be 4G LTE capable. Given that the New iPad comes with LTE antennas and a bigger capacity battery to support it (AnandTech found the New iPad capable of being an LTE hotspot for a whopping 25.3hrs on a single charge), it may be safe to assume to the iPhone 5 won’t have battery issues like other LTE smartphones on the market right now.

In addition to the usual expected upgrades when it comes to next generation iPhones (faster processor, better camera sensor), there is also talk of the New iPhone 5 utilizing a ceramic casing. This is expected to be more resistant to shatter and scratches than the current glass casing.

So if you’re thinking of upgrading your iPhone this year, it may be wise to wait until summer if your current iPhone can last that long. We’ve already seen an incident last week where a woman’s iPhone 4 self-destructed in a burst of smoke while sitting on a nightstand (pic below). Maybe it knew what was coming.

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