Forget Warm New iPad Tablets, iPhone 4 Literally Smoking

If you thought reports of the New iPad 3 running slightly warmer than its predecessor called for concerns, then this little incident which Apple reportedly swept under the rug deserves more attention.

Forget warm New iPad 3 tablets, iPhone 4 bursts into smoke

Mashable reports that a woman woke up one morning to find her iPhone 4 smoking, literally. According to the report, the woman left here iPhone plugged in next to her hotel stand overnight and was awakened by strange smells and sizzling. To her surprise, here iPhone 4 ‘burst into smoke’.

The iPhone 4 owner then picked up the smoking device with her laptop case and dumped it into the sink.

According to Mashable, the woman told them that she posted the story to them because Apple refused to publicly acknowledge the incident to other iPhone owners, although they did give her a replacement iPhone 4. Full story at the source.