HTC Beats Samsung & Motorola In Making Most Satisfying Android Phone

HTC may need to change their slogan from ‘quietly brilliant’ to ‘quietly satisfying’ because despite showing a dismal last quarter in terms of sales, JD Powers and Associates have ranked them as the highest satisfying Android manufacturer.

HTC loses to iPhone but beats Samsung and Motorola in making most satisfying phones

Coming in at second place just behind Apple’s iPhone, HTC scores 798 out of 1000 and beats both Samsung and Motorola (they scored 769 and 758 respectively). Now if you’re not familiar with the JP Power rankings, this is how the 2012 biannual smartphone satisfaction study works. J.D. Powers surveyed 7,080 consumers asking them to evaluate performance, ease of operation, physical design and features.

The industry average is 774 so it was only Apple and HTC that managed to exceed the average this time around. HTC also happens to be 1 of just 3 companies to improve on customer satisfaction in the first half of 2011.

This does look good for the HTC One series of smartphones which are expected to hit US carriers very soon, as it looks likes the Taiwanese company has a strong base of satisfied customers waiting for the next ‘hero’ devices.


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