Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus To Launch After June 10 Only? [RUMOR]

The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus would have to be the biggest tease by Sprint in 2012. First announced more than a month ago, and the carrier even running competitions to give free Galaxy Nexus units away next month, the only thing that remains under wraps is a release date.

HTC One X to beat Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus to stores this summer?

Now Brian Bennett of CNET dropped this bombshell earlier in the morning – “HTC One X could be Sprint’s first LTE smartphone.” To this point, everyone was under the impression that the honor would go to Samsung and its Galaxy Nexus but now speculation have arose suggesting that it could be HTC. Originally we would have believed it since HTC has been known to be the first when it comes to releasing 4G devices on carriers e.g. the Sprint HTC EVO 4G was the first 4G WiMAX phone on Sprint while the HTC Thunderbolt was the first 4G LTE phone on Verizon.

So while this may not be so far fetched, there is one little problem. According to CNET and their sources, “the One X will be Sprint’s first 4G LTE device and could land in stores as soon as June 10.” So does that mean the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus wasn’t going to hit shelves before June?

With Sprint’s LTE coverage technically still in its infancy, this may end up being the ugly truth. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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