New iPad 3 Availability Improves, Shipping Times Down Already

Despite Apple announcing a record weekend with over 3 million New iPad units sold, the Cupertino-based company appears to have predicted this demand and not run into a bottleneck with its suppliers this time around.

New iPad 3 availability drops to 2-3 weeks already despite record sales

In contrast, the only 1 million iPad 1 units were sold in the first month of its launch. And while the iPad 2 faired a lot better, stocks were insufficient for the tablet from launch and shipping delays moved up to 3-4 weeks.

The New iPad 3 however found its shipping times pushed to 2-3 weeks at the official Apple Store just last week, and since today it is back down to 1-2 weeks (international availability varies).

Given that the New iPad 3 will hit 24 more countries by the end of the week, let’s see just how well prepared Apple and its component suppliers were this time around.


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